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  • Buck

    Buck, originally from New York, first came to China in 2006 traveling with some friends and immediately fell in love with the country, returning frequently including a semester studying at Tsinghua University in 2009. He finally moved to Beijing after graduating from the University of Toronto in 2010. He has a passion for adventure and travel, completing numerous long distance motorcycling and hiking trips around the U.S., Canada, and China including a circumnavigation of the U.S. (13,840km) and a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail (3,500km). When he's not wandering (and sometimes when he is), Buck works as a web developer and marketing consultant in Beijing.
  • Amy

    Trained as an architect in Oxford, England, Amy is half Chinese and in 2008 first came back to reconnect with her Chinese heritage after growing up in the UK and Switzerland. She currently works as a senior designer in an international architecture company and runs one of the only websites dedicated to building restoration in China-


  1. Guys,
    The captcha feature on the contact us webpage doesn’t work. So I’m here fishing :-/

    Last year, my wife and I, we did a 2 months trip of over 17,000 km. We did Beijing-Mohe-Sanya-Beijing. We rode a BMW F650CS.

    This summer, we are planning a new adventure: a journey to the west. Beijing-Russia-Mongolia-Xinjiang-Beijing over 2 months again. We have a new bike: BMW 1200 GS Adv

    If you guys are still in BJ? I’m sure we can share a lot.

    Stay hungry and foolish

    Fab n Lily @BJ

    • Fabrice,

      What’s your blog and email? Do you have a Gs with Chinese license plate?! I wanna ride in China and I’d like some information. I drive a GSA 1200 with Brazilian plate, which is now in Europe.

  2. Forgot to include our blog. Only Chinese version though 🙁

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