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When It All Starts To Come Full Circle

Entering the final stage of our motorcycle ride through every province in China getting back into familiar territory on the east coast, most notably the place where we first made our pitch to CFMoto trying to get them on board with our project.

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Phoenix City and Avatar Mountains, The Sights of Hunan

So much to see in this area and so little time! We pass through the Ancient Phoenix City for a morning stroll and then another couple hundred kilometers onward we pass through the Zhangjiajie National Park where we visit the famous Tianzi Mountains, inspiration for the Hallelujah Mountains from Avatar.

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Doc, I Think I Broke My Rack

We've now passed 100 days on the road! 100 days since we left from Beijing, in the heat of summer to our first destination in Chengde. So of course to celebrate there's rain, mud, a broken luggage rack, and spectacular mountain scenery!

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Final Days In Sichuan

20 days since we first entered Sichuan, a province which has proved both rewarding and extremely challenging. Our last two days in the province proved not to break this pattern as we get hit with everything the province had left to throw at us, both good and bad!

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