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Final Days In Sichuan


20 days since we first entered Sichuan, a province which has proved both rewarding and extremely challenging. Our last two days in the province proved not to break this pattern as we get hit with everything the province had left to throw at us, both good and bad!

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Welcome to Western Sichuan- Days 82-84


Head crouched down, visor so covered in dust that it was impossible to see through anymore, shoulders sore from days of keeping the bike upright through potholes, over cliff side landslides, and around trucks determined not to deviate from their path. This was more or less the scene a couple of days into our western Sichuan excursion.

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Days 77-79: Through The Land Of Tourists

Entrance to the park just after the doors opened

We start entering some exceptionally scenic areas of China including one of China's most popular tourist destinations, Jiuzhaigou National Park. Not an easy road to get there though passing over a mountain pass and navigating around endless landslides.

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Days 63-64: The Road To (And From) Everest

Near the top of the 20m gravel road climb

We are forced to earn our ascent to Everest Base Camp. Nearly two full days each way of dirt track start to take its toll on both of us and the bike, but nearly a month since visiting the lowest inland place on earth we make it to the 5,220m camp!

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Days 47-48: The Kyrgyzstan Border Run

If the whole road was paved like this it would really be an amazing drive

I make a solo and complicated visa run from Kashgar to Kyrgyzstan to fulfill a requirement of my tourist visa. Two full days involving under construction roads, highway bribery, Kyrgzstan truck stops, and sleeping over night at a local police barracks make for an interesting experience to be able to legally stay in China.

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