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City States and Celebrity Golfers

The southern terminus of our walk across Macau

A hectic few days as we cross two borders (twice) and participate in a fundraising event with Free Lunch for Children. Great time wandering around Macau, even making some money while we're there. Lots of time commuting while in Hong Kong though.

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Fundraising in Paradise

View from the room

3 days off at the beach in Sanya but we are kept busy as we participate in fundraising events with the hotel and Free Lunch for Children. We also meet with some of the local press talking about our trip and our charitable efforts. All in all, managed to raise nearly RMB40,000 to go towards school lunches in rural China!

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Days 77-79: Through The Land Of Tourists

Entrance to the park just after the doors opened

We start entering some exceptionally scenic areas of China including one of China's most popular tourist destinations, Jiuzhaigou National Park. Not an easy road to get there though passing over a mountain pass and navigating around endless landslides.

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Days 49-52: Stranded in Kashgar


Left in Kashgar as we await for our guide for Tibet and our cold weather that is getting shipped over for the next portion of the trip. We visit the sights around town including the major mosque, bazaar, and old style terraced homes.

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Days 47-48: The Kyrgyzstan Border Run

If the whole road was paved like this it would really be an amazing drive

I make a solo and complicated visa run from Kashgar to Kyrgyzstan to fulfill a requirement of my tourist visa. Two full days involving under construction roads, highway bribery, Kyrgzstan truck stops, and sleeping over night at a local police barracks make for an interesting experience to be able to legally stay in China.

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