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The Record Surpassed But Not Yet Officially Broken!

Just wanted to make the announcement that on Wednesday, November 26th, 131 days since leaving from Beijing on July 19th, according to our GPS tracker we passed the current Guinness World Record for longest journey within a single country, currently held by Steve Miller who rode 29,034.23km around the US earlier this year. Around noon, our recorded distance reached 29,035km while in province number 27, Zhejiang.

We had met up with another foreign motorcycle blogger who is based out of Ningbo (and has been for the past 18 years). You can check out his post about his 3 days riding with us including the day we broke the record on his site here. Just a warning though, there are some spoilers since we haven’t gotten up to Zhejiang yet on our blog here. Still a good read and it was a great time riding with Jon and another foreign biker, Dennis, when we were in the area.

The trip isn’t over yet so please do keep following along! We still plan to ride a bit farther and finish up in Beijing. There are still a few more provinces left to ride through too, meaning plenty more excitement to come. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s almost December? Moving back north on the threshold of winter, fun!

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Buck, originally from New York, first came to China in 2006 traveling with some friends and immediately fell in love with the country, returning frequently including a semester studying at Tsinghua University in 2009. He finally moved to Beijing after graduating from the University of Toronto in 2010. He has a passion for adventure and travel, completing numerous long distance motorcycling and hiking trips around the U.S., Canada, and China including a circumnavigation of the U.S. (13,840km) and a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail (3,500km). When he's not wandering (and sometimes when he is), Buck works as a web developer and marketing consultant in Beijing.