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Welcome to Western Sichuan- Days 82-84


Head crouched down, visor so covered in dust that it was impossible to see through anymore, shoulders sore from days of keeping the bike upright through potholes, over cliff side landslides, and around trucks determined not to deviate from their path. This was more or less the scene a couple of days into our western Sichuan excursion.

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Days 80-81: An Adventure Out West

Driving along the riversides

With a specific date by which we need to arrive at Chongqing, we have some decisions to make about whether to get there early or take a nearly week-long detour west towards Tibet on some roads that may or may not turn out to provide some challenges.

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Days 77-79: Through The Land Of Tourists

Entrance to the park just after the doors opened

We start entering some exceptionally scenic areas of China including one of China's most popular tourist destinations, Jiuzhaigou National Park. Not an easy road to get there though passing over a mountain pass and navigating around endless landslides.

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Days 75-76: The 10,000 Buddhas Temple

The 27m tall Buddha

A couple short days as we take a visit to another famous Buddhist attraction along the old Silk Road. Turned out to be a great visit despite it being during the busiest travel season in China as we accidentally find ourselves on a secluded mountain hike!

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