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Free Lunch for Children’s mission is to help Chinese children avoid hunger and malnutrition and help promote healthy growth and development.

They were first established in April, 2011 by reporter Deng Fei and over 500 other reporters and people from the media who wanted to help alleviate poverty in China’s most remote areas by allowing donors to provide impoverished children with a school lunch for as little as 50 cents.

From the time of their founding in 2011 up until Feburary, 2013, Free Lunch for children managed to raise over ¥43 million helping children from over 200 schools around the country avoid hunger.

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We are happy to say that since The Great Ride of China is entirely self-funded with the help of our partners, all donations go directly to Free Lunch For Children.

Where does this donation go to? As the name suggests, Free Lunch for Children helps to bring free school lunches to children in underprivileged areas around rural China. The orgaization avoid unnecessary bureaucratic overhead and the potential for corruption by giving funds directly to schools for lunches. Furthermore, given that many of the families in these areas are unable to provide proper meals at home for their children, the program has the added benefit of increasing school attendance in the areas where they operate since, for many children, the schools become the only place where they can get a full meal all day.

Our Fundraising Goal

Our goal is to raise enough money to support 2 schools in rural China for a full year. We estimate this to be RMB120,000 or $19,695. To calculate this we used the following figures: One school year consists of 10 months with 22 days. At RMB3 per lunch per kid, it would cost only RMB660 ($108) to provide school lunches for a child for a full year. At an average of 90 kids per school, it costs about RMB60,000 to support a school for a full year.

If you would like to donate and support our cause of helping children in rural China to avoid hunger and malnutrition at school, you can donate through Free Lunch for Children’s website and various available donation channels:

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