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Some of the architecture around the Mountain Resort

Day 2- A Rest Day (Already??)

July 20th – 0km – Chengde

Day off today. We had lots to catch up on including sleep, left over work I had unrelated to the trip, and some debugging of the website.

The Mountain Resort

After sleeping in a bit in the morning though we decided to check out the local sites, most notably “The Mountain Resort,” built during the Qing Dynasty as a “getaway” for the emperor. It turned out to be a beautiful park with some very nice Chinese style architecture to admire while walking through. The entrance fee at 120RMB was a bit overpriced, but it was nice to just take it easy for a few hours.

The Logic of my Gas Gauge

In the morning I had also reported on the fuel gauge issue with the bike to CFMOTO. Our mechanic contact though gave me a weird response though, writing a text with a whole bunch of stats for the bike’s gas capacity and mileage. He followed up by saying that I shouldn’t worry about it and calculate the distance according to those stats. When I called later in the day to inquire further, he explained that even though the bike has a range of 300+km, it is designed to report empty after 150km as a warning to start looking for a gas station. Sounds a like a weird design decision to me, but we’l see…

Next Stop…

The rest of the day was rest and catch up before our first really long ride the following day. Our next milestone destination is Dandong in Liaoning province. The city of Dandong is right on the border with North Korea so we thought it would be an interesting stop to try and look over the border. As long as no Korean border patrolmen can see my passport, I’m thinking I should be ok.

We also just heard that there are torrential rains coming down in that area and all the airports are closed. We’re really hoping that in the days leading up, things clear up a bit enough for us to gain clear passage!

About Buck

Buck, originally from New York, first came to China in 2006 traveling with some friends and immediately fell in love with the country, returning frequently including a semester studying at Tsinghua University in 2009. He finally moved to Beijing after graduating from the University of Toronto in 2010. He has a passion for adventure and travel, completing numerous long distance motorcycling and hiking trips around the U.S., Canada, and China including a circumnavigation of the U.S. (13,840km) and a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail (3,500km). When he's not wandering (and sometimes when he is), Buck works as a web developer and marketing consultant in Beijing.


  1. I find the petrol gauge on my CFMoto 650TR to be inadequate and worse just inaccurate. When the petrol tank is full, the LCD gauge indicates it is around 3/4 full with perhaps 3 bars failing to show on the gauge. Correspondingly, at the other end of the spectrum, the gauge indicates empty with the flashing petrol pump/bowser symbol when there is still petrol in the tank – although unsure just by how much. Worse than that, is the omission of a trip-meter to allow one to at least more easily calculate distances etc. The same lack of a trip-meter applies to my CFmoto Jetmax maxi scoot too!

    I wrote an indepth report on the Jetmax, and really would like to give usable feedback to the R&D team at CFMoto, but can’t get pass the sales and marketing team at the factory, most of whom have no clue or little interest in motorcycles. Pity the company doesn’t take a queue from Jimmy of Harley Davidson, Suzhou, where all shop employees regardless of position are encouraged and required to learn how to ride a motorcycle (they have a couple of small 125-150cc motorcycles for staff to learn and practice on), then get their motorcycle licence, so that staff can better relate to the customers etc. If CFMoto senior management took such an initiative, the CFMoto products would really be something IMO. Hence why I’d be more than happy to give real world feedback, having had many bikes and mileage of bike riding and ownership spanning 35 years in multiple countries. Oh and I’ve owned three CFMoto models in my eleven years of riding in China.

    Bikerdoc (

    • Yes this is a big problem that I have encountered too and will be reporting on it directly to head management! The answer I got from one of their engineers was that this was on purpose (I was showing empty after 150km) so that you have ample time to find another station (another 150km??). Then when I was showing empty just after a fill-up they finally admitted there was a problem. We just got the meter replaced so I’ll let you know how that works. My previous dash with the broken gauge however did have a trip meter. Annoyingly, this new one doesn’t.

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