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Here you can get updates and news about The Great Ride of China to see what’s been going on with us, on and off the road.

Announcing The Great Ride of China Book and TV Pilot

Ever since making the decision that rather than do a month-long trip to Yunnan, we would attempt the much more ambitious itinerary we ended up with, it occurred to me that this could be an experience worth sharing. So I decided that we would prepare ourselves to not just motorcycle for five months but try and capture the whole thing at the same time.

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Wrapping Up Our Fundraising

Fundraising went on even after our ride was over and we were very happy to be able to participate in Free Lunch for Children's 3 Year Anniversary celebration where we auctioned off a motorcycle donated by our sponsors, CFMoto.

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Interview with Bruce in Beijing Part II

Here’s the second half of the interview we did with the Bruce in Beijing radio show. The first half was just Amy, which you can check out here, where she discusses the trip from Beijing all the way to the far west city of Kashgar in Xinjiang province. For the second half, I join in ...

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Radio Interview With Bruce in Beijing

Amy talks with "Bruce in Beijing" about the first half of our trip around China including one segment focusing on the different types of architectural styles we encountered while one the road. Amy and Bruce walk through our trip from Beijing through Inner Mongolia, the historical Shanxi and Shaanxi, and into the west through Turpan and to Kashgar.

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An Architect’s Great Ride of China

The Great Ride of China wasn't just about riding a motorcycle for a really really long amount of time. Amy's interest in the trip was a little more... academic than that. Check out some of the things she's been writing about China building restoration, preservation, and cultural heritage.

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